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Murder Hole Cave in Catawba, Virginia is an infamous wild cave on the property of Dan and Marian McConnell. It is the subject of a non-fiction book (available in paperback and hardback) published in 2012 by the National Speleological Society and Greyhound Press. A 28-minute video documentary by David Socky and Marian McConnell is also available! Please note that the cave is on PRIVATE PROPERTY and you must have permission to visit it -- for your safety and to protect the cave.

Murder Hole Movie had it's Premiere at the Grandin Theatre on September 21, 2016. It was a huge success with over 450 people attending between the two showings.

Current happenings

Current free showings of the Murder Hole Video and Murder Hole books signings are:

See the Murder Hole Facebook page at this link for up to the minute info, events, photos, and other related things.


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